Offer Convenience and evolve with the market

Global online food ordering is expected to represent a 20% growth year on year.

Expand your customer base by offering delivery, pick-up, and curbside ordering options on your custom webstore, to cater to all customers needs. Drive customer success and provide an exceptional dining experience that keeps guests coming back for more.

Attract guests with your Custom Webstore

We give you complete control over menu, make daily updates instantly and announce special offers.

Provide customers with a touch-free, unique ordering experience and easy to use platform, so they can place orders and make payments from anywhere, at anytime

Ready to start selling online?

Pay as you earn - you will be charged a service fee of only 5% per order to avail Online Ordering features.


Self Checkout with ease

With just a few clicks, customers can place their orders for immediate pick-up or schedule delivery for a time of their convenience.

Instant push notifications

Get notification to your Android Tab when you receive an order, so you can start preparing the meal for pickup or delivery

Increase your check-size with Product Add-ons

Deliver enhanced value by providing add-ons that guests won't think twice about adding it to meals. Let them select desired add-ons with a single click.

Offer a diverse menu with Product Variants

Leverage potion sizes to drive more sales. Provide customers with different options of your product at varying prices, from which they can choose from. Ex: Small, Medium or Large Pizza?

Allow satisfied customers to leave Tips

All tips go straight to your restaurant. Give guests the opportunity to show their appreciation for exceptional meals and an enhanced ordering experience.

Provide Special Pricing on valued products

Is one of your menu items in high demand over weekends? Take advantage of this by offering customers special prices on selected products during a predefined date range.

Time-based Visibility of menu items

Ever had a Christmas special sneak its way into January sales cos the menu was not updated? Ensure this does not happen by determining the time period you wish to display special products.

Add Tax related to your products

You can set-up tax rates for each menu item. Customers will see the included amount of tax beside the total at checkout.

Upgrade your ordering process

Increased Check Sizes

Customers spend 50% more when order food home. Applova s Product Add-ons, special pricing and time-based visibility can also help increase average ticket sizes.

Generous Tips

More and more diners now leave tips of 20% or more for delivery, pick-up, and curbside ordering. Maintain a high tip average with Applova s online ordering solutions.

Faster Table Turnover

Allow in-dining customers to order and pay for their meals via their smartphone. Streamline your ordering process, while reducing waiting time, errors and operational costs.

Use Cases


Allow customers to place orders online and provide them with online or at-door payment options. Ensure you deliver the right item and the desired time to increase repeat-order traffic.


Promote your online menu with customers so they can browse your food items at their convenience and schedule pick-up orders directly from your webstore.


Make use of those vacant parking slots. Allow customers to place their orders online before they arrive. Then have an associate bring the pickup order out to their vehicle.


Can I see if online ordering is right for my business before investing?

Yes! You will not be charged for the first 10 orders of the month. Once you exceed this limit, you will be charged only 5% per order. You will not be charged until an order is placed.

Can guests place an order without creating an account?

You can enable or disable this functionality based on your preference.

Can I view and manage sales orders on my Android Tablet?

Yes. You can download the Applova Business Manager App on your Android Tablet to manage orders and receive instant push notifications.

Can guests make payments with cash, credit or debit cards?

Guests can make cash payments. If you wish to enable in-app payments, simply purchase this Add-on from our Add-on Marketplace.